Approach to healing

Herbalists are one corner of a therapeutic triangle of patient, plant and practitioner.

I believe the dynamic interaction of all three is essential for true herbal healing to take place. Herbalists seek to know people, know plants and introduce them to each other for the benefit of the sick.

As a modern Herbalist, I judge a patient’s imbalances according to rigorous clinical questioning, physical examination and tongue and pulse diagnosis, using Physiomedical, Humoural, TCM and Biomedical principles.

Expect to be thoroughly questioned but really listened to when you visit me for a consultation!

From that assessment, I make up a tailor-made prescription of herbs, usually tinctures but sometimes teas. I advise on diet, lifestyle, work patterns, exercise and leisure, highlighting ways in which you can help your own condition.

The aim is to get you into a new balance; you probably will not need to take Herbal Medicine for the rest of your life, particularly if your lifestyle, outlook and circumstances also change for the better!

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