Price List

(with effect from 1st January 2020)

Due to increased costs and the unreliability of the small parcel post, I am having to increase my prices a little. From January 1st 2020 my prices will be:

  • Initial consultation including 3 weeks medicine £85


  • Follow up consultation including 3 weeks medicine £65


  • Extra medicine £8 per 100mL


  • Repeat prescription £20 plus medicines at £8 per 100mL


Concessions on an individual basis



4 Responses to Prices

  1. Nicola Bingley says:

    Hi Donald
    I found you when searching for a herbal medicine course, and your link to Lincoln University’s course that I understand is not currently running. I am contemplating training as a herbalist and would like to talk to you regarding alternative courses you may be teaching on now or part time herbal medicine courses you could recommend. I’ve also been looking into the CNM course in Herbal Medicine.
    If you could let me know when would be a good time to call you, I don’t wish to interrupt your clinics.
    Kind Regards

    • dapherbs says:

      Thanks for your enquiry Nicola – it has pointed out something important to me – i.e. my link is out of date which is unforgivable since I teach on the Lincoln Course.
      The Lincoln course has not died , it has moved sideways – it is now delivered at Lincoln College, Lincoln UK, a Further Education College providing Higher Education courses. The BSc (Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine is still validated by the University of Lincoln and crucially, it is still accredited by the European Herbal and Traditional Practitioners Association. See amended link on my blogroll or go to

  2. Meil munro says:

    Hi I’d like to book an initial consultation with you in Leeds if possible.i work 9-5 and could come after work if you could accomodate

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