Peach buds!

Ooh exciting!  My little peach tree is well in bud with both leaves and flowers.

The leaves I use as a sour, bitter refrigerant, useful in fevers etc.  You only need a tiny amount and in fact I still have quite a lot of peach leaf vinegar from last year.

Last year I got quite a lot of nectarines from it – albeit tiny – which is quite something at 53 degrees north in UK.  Peach fruit, like the leaves, are very cooling and as such should only really be consumed in northern climes when we have hot summer weather.

However, a lot of peach desserts also contain spices which is a traditional way of “heating” up what is basically a “cold” food.

Look forward to some lovely pink blossom and here’s hoping we avoid peach leaf curl this year!


About donaldpurves

Traditional Herbalist since 1989, qualified originally with National Institute of Medical Herbalists (Tutorial Course, School of Herbal Medicine/Phytotherapy), joined Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners in 2011. University lecturer in Herbal Medicine since 2005. Born and brought up in the Scottish Borders. Higher Education at University of York (Biology 1980) and Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (MSc Herbal Medicine 2003). Married to Rukshana Afia, an artist working with drawing, textiles and ceramics. Passionate about environmental, economic and social justice.
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