Early Spring in the Herb Garden

Up at the allotment today, I have been trimming back last years’ dry sticks from two perennials – Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) and St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum).  Both are easy to grow if not downright invasive (indeed have had an interesting discussion on LinkedIn about the wisdom or otherwise of cultivating Hypericum  at all in non-indigenous places like North America or Australia).  See my earlier post on St John’s Wort

My Rosemary bush (Rosmarinus officinalis)is already flowering which it wasn’t doing 10 days ago.  Sounds nice but probably means it is desparate to escape!  It is quite an old bush, rescued from fly-tipping and replanted about 10 years ago.  Gives me some nice fresh green tips for teas and cooking but, of course, nowhere near as pungent as Rosemary grown in the Mediterranean, or the soft South for that matter.

What will this growing year bring?  Well who knows but my resolution, again, is to pay attention and collect herbs in a timely fashion.

Collection is one thing – having time to turn them into quality, useable remedies is another!


About donaldpurves

Traditional Herbalist since 1989, qualified originally with National Institute of Medical Herbalists (Tutorial Course, School of Herbal Medicine/Phytotherapy), joined Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners in 2011. University lecturer in Herbal Medicine since 2005. Born and brought up in the Scottish Borders. Higher Education at University of York (Biology 1980) and Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (MSc Herbal Medicine 2003). Married to Rukshana Afia, an artist working with drawing, textiles and ceramics. Passionate about environmental, economic and social justice.
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